10 UK Companies that Specialise in Vinyl

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By Staff Writer

1. The Vinyl Corporation: A supplier of sign-making and craft vinyl, offering a range of colours, types, and sizes suitable for different crafting applications.

2. HappyCrafters UK: Specializing in heat transfer vinyl (HTV), HappyCrafters provides a variety of colours and patterns for customising textiles and fabrics.

3. Grafityp UK: Offering a wide selection of self-adhesive vinyl, Grafityp caters to crafters, sign makers, and graphic designers.

4. Crafty Cutter: A source for craft vinyl, including adhesive and heat transfer vinyl, along with tools and accessories needed for vinyl crafting.

5. The Vinyl Guys: This company provides adhesive vinyl, HTV, and other vinyl-related products, catering to crafters and small businesses.

6. Yolo Craft Supplies: Yolo Craft Supplies offers a range of vinyl materials suitable for craft projects, including adhesive vinyl and HTV.

7. Happy Fabric: Providing a variety of vinyl options, including glitter vinyl, patterned vinyl, and solid colours, for creative crafting endeavours.

8. Crafty Pig Designs: Vinyl Corporation, offer a range of eye-catching designs guaranteed to make your sign stand out from the crowd.

9. Rewarding Design: Rewarding Design designs and prints all of their items in house to order and can also alter existing designs or even create a bespoke piece just for you.

10. Sparkle Craft: Sparkle Craft offers a variety of adhesive vinyl, including holographic and iridescent options, for unique and eye-catching projects.

Remember to research these companies further and check their product offerings, shipping options, and customer reviews to ensure they meet your specific vinyl crafting requirements.

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