Home is Where the Hedgehog Is

Create a warm and cosy dwelling for your garden friend this winter.

By Staff Writer

Creating a hedgehog house out of wood is a rewarding and beginner-friendly craft project that provides shelter for these adorable garden visitors.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Wooden Boards: Choose untreated wood to ensure the safety of hedgehogs. Plywood or exterior-grade softwood boards work well.
  • Saw: You’ll need a saw to cut the wooden boards into the required pieces.
  • Screws or Nails: You can use screws for a secure assembly, but nails can work if that’s what you have on hand.
  • Hinges and Latch (Optional): If you want to create a hinged lid for cleaning or monitoring, you’ll need hinges and a latch.
  • Drill and Drill Bits: A drill with suitable bits will help create ventilation holes and assemble the pieces.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Design Your Hedgehog House: Begin by sketching or planning the design of your hedgehog house. It should have an entrance tunnel, an enclosed chamber for nesting, and adequate ventilation.

2. Cut the Wood: Using a saw, cut the wooden boards into the necessary pieces based on your design. You’ll typically need a back panel, two side panels, a front panel with an entrance hole, a roof, and a base.

3. Assemble the Walls: Attach the two side panels to the back panel using screws or nails to form a rectangular box shape. Ensure the bottom edge of the sides aligns with the bottom edge of the back panel.

4. Create the Roof: Place the roof piece on top of the box, making sure it overhangs on all sides to provide shelter from the elements.

5. Add the Front Panel: Attach the front panel to the box, leaving enough space at the bottom for the entrance hole. Drill a hole in the front panel to serve as the entrance for hedgehogs.

6. Ventilation Holes: To ensure proper ventilation, drill a few small holes near the top of the back panel.

7. Optional Hinged Lid: If you want to have access for cleaning or monitoring, attach hinges to the roof and a latch to the front panel.

8. Decorate (Optional): If desired, you can decorate the exterior of the hedgehog house with non-toxic paint or wood stains. Avoid painting the interior to maintain a safe environment for hedgehogs.

9. Position in Your Garden: Place the hedgehog house in a quiet and sheltered spot in your garden. Ensure it’s stable and won’t tip over easily. A hidden corner or under some shrubs is an ideal location.

10. Cover with Natural Materials: To further camouflage the hedgehog house and provide insulation, cover it with leaves, twigs, or other natural materials.

11. Monitor and Maintain: Keep an eye on your hedgehog house and periodically check for hedgehog activity. You can also clean it out annually if needed.

Creating a hedgehog house out of wood is a beginner-friendly project that not only adds a charming element to your garden but also provides essential shelter for these beloved creatures. Hedgehogs play a valuable role in garden ecosystems by helping control pests, making your garden a more inviting and wildlife-friendly space.

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