Cricut Blades and What They Do

There’s a blade for just about everything.

By Staff Writer

Cricut offers several different blades and cutting tools compatible with their various cutting machines, including the Explore series, Maker, and Joy. These blades and tools are designed for different materials and cutting purposes. Keep in mind that Cricut may have released new products or made changes to their lineup since then. Here’s an overview of some of the key Cricut blades and cutting tools:

1. Fine-Point Blade: This is the standard blade that comes with most Cricut machines, including the Explore and Maker. It’s designed for cutting a wide range of materials, such as paper, cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on.

2. Deep-Point Blade: The Deep-Point Blade is suitable for cutting thicker materials like chipboard, leather, and magnet sheets. It has a steeper blade angle to handle these tougher materials.

3. Bonded Fabric Blade: This blade is optimized for cutting fabric with bonded backing. It works well with materials like iron-on fabric, backed felt, and other bonded fabrics.

4. Rotary Blade: Exclusive to the Cricut Maker, the Rotary Blade is designed for precise fabric cutting. It can cut a wide variety of fabrics without the need for a stabilizer.

5. Knife Blade: Also exclusive to the Cricut Maker, the Knife Blade is used for cutting dense materials like balsa wood, leather, and matboard. It’s ideal for projects that require deep and intricate cuts.

6. Scoring Stylus: The Scoring Stylus is used for creating score lines on materials, such as cardstock and paper, to make folding and bending easier. It’s handy for creating 3D paper projects and cards.

7. Engraving Tip: The Engraving Tip allows you to engrave designs onto materials like metal, leather, and acrylic. It’s a versatile tool for adding decorative or personalized touches to your projects.

8. Perforation Blade: This blade creates perforated lines in materials like paper and cardstock. It’s useful for making tear-off sections in projects like coupons, tickets, or easy-to-remove parts of paper crafts.

9. Wavy Blade: The Wavy Blade adds a decorative, wavy edge to your cuts. It’s great for creating unique borders and embellishments on paper, cardstock, and other thin materials.

10. QuickSwap Housing: Cricut’s QuickSwap Housing allows you to switch between different tips and blades quickly and easily without needing a separate housing for each. It’s compatible with various interchangeable tips and blades.

The availability of these blades and tools may vary depending on your region and the specific Cricut machine you own. Always check Cricut’s official website or consult your machine’s user manual for the most up-to-date information on compatible blades and accessories.

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