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Learn How to Use Resin with these Top Tips for Beginners

Make your first resin project by starting off safely and simply

Using resin can be a tricky and sticky art form especially when you’re starting out. These fabulous tips from jewellery maker, Karen Lam, are sure to get your creative

Protect your working surface: Lay down protective coverings to prevent resin from sticking to your workspace.

Safety first: Always wear gloves and a face cover to shield yourself from resin fumes and skin irritation.

Start simple:

Begin with straightforward designs to familiarize yourself with the resin’s behaviour and techniques.

Ensure thorough dehydration: Items to be embedded in the resin must be completely dehydrated to prevent moisture from affecting the final result.

Clean with vinegar:

Use plenty of inexpensive white vinegar for cleaning your tools and work surface—it’s effective and budget-friendly.

Preparation is key: Have all your materials and tools set up before starting as resin work can get messy quickly.

Exercise patience: Resin takes time to develop and set, so refrain from touching it during the curing process. Ensure a flat, even surface, and consistent temperature throughout pouring and drying.

These tips will help beginners navigate your first resin projects smoothly while ensuring safety and quality results.

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