10 Ideas for Halloween Makes for Beginner Crafters

Get crafting in plenty of time for the Holiday Season.

By Staff Writer

1. Spooky Mason Jar Lanterns:

To create spooky mason jar lanterns, begin with clean and empty mason jars. Paint the outside of the jars using acrylic paint in Halloween colours like black or orange. Allow the paint to dry completely. Using a fine-tip paintbrush, add spooky designs such as ghosts, bats, or jack-o’-lantern faces. Once your designs are dry, place battery-operated tea lights inside the jars to give them an eerie, glowing effect.

2. Paper Plate Masks:

For paper plate masks, start with a white paper plate and carefully cut out eye holes. Paint the plate with vibrant Halloween colours such as orange, black, or green. Using black paint and a fine brush, add details like fangs, stitches, or cat whiskers to create your desired Halloween character. Finally, attach a string or elastic cord to the sides of the mask, allowing you to wear it as a fun Halloween accessory.

3. Halloween Wreath:

To craft a Halloween wreath, obtain a foam or straw wreath form from a craft store. Begin by wrapping the wreath form with black or orange ribbon, securing it with hot glue as needed. Next, use hot glue to attach artificial spiders, bats, and small pumpkins to the wreath, creating a spooky and festive decoration. Hang your finished Halloween wreath on your front door to welcome trick-or-treaters.

4. Toilet Paper Roll Monsters:

Collect empty toilet paper rolls and paint them with bright, Halloween-themed colours. Get creative and choose colours like purple, green, or even neon. Once the paint is dry, add fun and spooky details to your monsters, such as googly eyes, yarn for hair, and paper teeth. These whimsical monsters make great decorations or toys.

5. Ghostly Handprint Keepsake:

Create a ghostly handprint keepsake by dipping your child’s hand in white paint and pressing it onto a sheet of black construction paper. After making the handprint, use black marker or paint to add a friendly or spooky ghost face to the handprint. Complete the keepsake by writing the date or a special Halloween message at the bottom.

6. Spiderweb Cupcake Toppers:

Make spiderweb cupcake toppers by cutting small spiderweb shapes from black construction paper. Attach a toothpick to the back of each spiderweb using tape or glue. Insert these toppers into your cupcakes to give them a Halloween-themed twist.

7. Pumpkin Decor with Washi Tape:

For a unique pumpkin decor idea, select a small artificial pumpkin and use orange and black washi tape to create patterns such as stripes, polka dots, or geometric shapes. Get creative with your tape designs and cover the entire pumpkin for a distinctive Halloween decoration.

8. Yarn-Wrapped Mummies:

Craft yarn-wrapped mummies by choosing a small plastic or foam object, like a toy or a cardboard cutout. Begin wrapping it with white yarn, leaving gaps in the wrapping to resemble mummy bandages. Once you’ve achieved the desired mummy look, glue googly eyes onto your mummy creation to bring it to life.

9. Halloween Luminaries:

Create Halloween luminaries using empty glass jars. Start by painting the jars with black or orange paint and allow them to dry completely. Once dry, use a small paintbrush to add spooky faces or Halloween scenes to the jars. After decorating, place battery-operated tea lights inside the jars to create a hauntingly beautiful glow that can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

10. Bat Silhouette Window Decorations:

Make bat silhouette window decorations by cutting bat shapes out of black construction paper. Use tape or adhesive to attach these paper bats to your windows. When illuminated by indoor lighting, these bat silhouettes will cast spooky shadows on your window, adding a touch of Halloween ambiance to your home.

These Halloween craft ideas offer a fun and creative way for beginners to engage in seasonal crafting and add a festive touch to their Halloween celebrations. Enjoy the crafting process and have a spook-tacular time!

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