Make a Pumpkin Lantern on your Cricut

Get prepared for the spooky season!

By Staff Writer

Design Your Pumpkin Lantern:

Start by opening Cricut Design Space on your computer or mobile device. Create a new project and search for a suitable pumpkin lantern template or design your own. You can find ready-made templates or draw/upload a pumpkin shape that you like.

Cut the Pumpkin Shape:

Load a piece of sturdy orange cardstock or paper onto the Cricut cutting mat. Follow the prompts in Cricut Design Space to set the material type to “cardstock” and adjust the cut settings as needed. Begin the cutting process, and your Cricut machine will precisely cut out the pumpkin shape for you.

Cut the Vellum Panels:

Design smaller windows or patterns on the pumpkin lantern where you want the light to shine through. Load vellum paper onto the Cricut cutting mat and adjust the material settings in Cricut Design Space accordingly. Proceed to cut out the vellum panels based on your design.

Assemble the Lantern:

Carefully fold the pumpkin shape along the lines created by the Cricut machine. This folding will give your pumpkin lantern its 3D form. Use glue or double-sided tape to secure the tabs on the pumpkin shape, completing the lantern’s structure.

Attach Vellum Panels:

Apply glue or double-sided tape to the backside of the vellum panels you cut earlier. Gently adhere them to the inside of the pumpkin lantern, covering the windows or patterns. This step ensures that the light from the LED tea light or fairy lights will be diffused and create a warm, inviting glow.

Add Illumination:

Insert an LED tea light or a string of fairy lights into the pumpkin lantern through the top or bottom opening. Ensure that the light source is securely positioned in the centre of the lantern, so it illuminates the vellum panels effectively.

Decorate (Optional):

Get creative with your pumpkin lantern by adding extra decorations if desired. You can craft paper leaves, a stem, or even a whimsical face to give your lantern a unique and personalized character.

Display Your Pumpkin Lantern:

Place your completed pumpkin lantern on a table, windowsill, porch, or any other suitable location where it can be admired and enjoyed. The warm Halloween-inspired glow will create a festive atmosphere in your home or party space.

Making a pumpkin lantern with a Cricut machine offers a fantastic opportunity to personalize your Halloween decorations while adding a touch of DIY creativity to your surroundings. Feel free to experiment with different designs, sizes, and colours to craft unique lanterns that suit your style and preferences.

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