Make Your Own Bird Box

With winter coming, our flighty friends with thank you for it.

By Staff Writer

Begin your bird box project by selecting a piece of untreated, weather-resistant wood, ideally cedar, pine, or plywood, about ¾-inch thick.

You’ll need a saw to carefully cut the wood into the required pieces, which include the sides, front, back, roof, and bottom of the bird box.

To ensure accurate measurements, employ a measuring tape and ruler, which will help you mark the wood pieces precisely.

Decide on the type of bird you want to attract, as different bird species have varying requirements for box dimensions and entrance hole sizes.

With a drill and appropriate drill bits, create an entrance hole in the front piece of the bird box, positioning it near the top and centred according to your chosen bird’s needs.

Assemble the bird box by attaching the sides to the front and back pieces, and then secure the bottom piece, ensuring the box is square and sturdy.

Use screws or nails to fasten the pieces together but be sure to drill pilot holes to prevent the wood from splitting.

Affix the roof to the bird box, making sure it overhangs on all sides to provide protection from the elements.

If desired, you can paint or finish the bird box, but ensure you use non-toxic, water-based paint or stain to avoid harming the birds.

Select an appropriate location to hang or mount your bird box, ensuring it’s secure and positioned to provide safety and shelter for the birds, avoiding direct sunlight or areas prone to disturbances.

After the bird box is in place, periodically monitor and maintain it, cleaning it as needed, typically after the nesting season, by removing old nesting materials and debris to prepare it for the next occupants.

You can craft a wooden bird box that offers a welcoming home for the birds in your garden, all while considering the specific needs of the bird species you aim to attract. Enjoy the delightful sights and sounds of birds nesting in your handmade creation.

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